Why Invest in T&T?

Why Invest in T&T?

Smart investors know a good opportunity when they see one.
We are a geographical gateway to Latin America, the United States and Canada with close proximity to South America and the Caribbean.

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Low Business Costs

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Trinidad and Tobago retained its leading position of #1 for Cost Effectiveness in the Caribbean and Central America (CCA) ranking by fDi Magazine 2015/2016, a service of the Financial Times Ltd.
  • Energy Costs

    Trinidad and Tobago has one of the lowest electricity rates in the western hemisphere from US$.03 per kWh

Access to Global Markets

  • Trade Agreements

    Established trade agreements mean your business can enjoy market access to 965 million people worldwide.
  • Internationally Affiliated

    Trinidad and Tobago is a member of some of the major international associations.
  • Investment Protection Mechanisms

    Several investment protection mechanisms have been established to guarantee investors a level playing field.

Ideal Location

  • A Gateway to the Americas

    T&T is the geographical gateway to Latin America, the United States and Canada with close proximity to South America and the Caribbean.
  • A Regional Transshipment Hub

    Our location and deep harbours in Port-of-Spain and Point Lisas facilitate transshipment to South America.
  • Nearshore Benefits

    Trinidad & Tobago is ideally located to provide nearshore services to North America.

People and Diverse Culture

  • Globally Competitive Workforce

    Trinidad and Tobago competes on a global scale with a highly skilled workforce.
  • Well-developed human resource base

    A high percentage of the workforce includes professionals with postgraduate qualifications.
  • Cosmopolitan

    Trinidad and Tobago’s diverse population trace their history from Africa, India, China, the Middle East and Europe.

Investment Climate

  • Reliable Infrastructure

    Five undersea fibre connections provide a robust and redundant core infrastructure, while we also offer reliable energy utilities, transport connections.
  • Government Incentives to Investors

    The Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago (GORTT) encourages foreign direct investment in almost all sectors, with a range of incentives specifically focused on non-energy targeted sectors

Government Incentives to Investors

  • Free Zones Incentive

    The Free Trade Zones programme is designed to encourage local and foreign investment in export-driven projects that create jobs, develop skills and create external markets for products. The Programme has been seen as an instrument to attract non-energy based projects to Trinidad and Tobago and is administered under the Free Zones Act, 19 of 1988 (as amended)

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